Alizée is what is commonly called an acro of acros. She initiates all the people she meets, hoping that one day we can all greet each other balanced on top of each other. She first trained in Hatha and Vyniasa yoga during a trip to India. Having found strength, flexibility and confidence thanks to Indian learning, she became passionate about the dynamics of bodies in fusion with each other as well as pedagogy. She then passed pedaogue diploma in circus arts to develop her artistic practice and be able to transmit while diversifying her teachings with a specialization in acro-lifts (L-basing, Icarians, Standing Lifts).

Multilingual and a globetrotter in her spare time, she is also a great fan of Latin America. She has just returned from a trip to Mexico where she was doing street shows with her incredible juggling acromonocyclist partner (Daniel who she will teach with). Always motivated for new adventures, she enjoys taking people with her and encouraging them to exceed their limits.