Elena und Juri

Juri is a playful certified acroyoga teacher, circus performer, musician and artist of many disciplines. Originally from Kyrgyzstan, based in Berlin. 10 years ago , after studying Architecture and Sculpture (fine art) he discovered his passion for Acroyoga and Partner Acrobatics. Since then he’s researching, teaching and performing a mixture of Acroyoga combined with the pleasure of the game from physical theater which he studied at physical theater schools in France (Phillippe Gaulier) and Italy (Matteo Destro).

Well known for his circus duo Barada Street and his playful Acroyoga classes he’s travelling the world and sharing his passions.
„Every human has the inherent necessity to learn, imitate, connect and understand. As Children we learn with fun and pleasure. Becoming an adult we lose this connection of playing and learning out of different reasons. Life gets more serious and our „inner critic“ is growinso that we get blocked in our body and mind to express and enjoy ourselves. In the game we’re children again who trust in their impulses, enthusiasm and playfulness. I see and embrace this quality in practicing Acroyoga and looking forward to play with you in a trustful atmosphere.“

Always climbing trees and believing I was a monkey, when I grew up and discover the fun of climbing people I fall in love with it. Acrobatics floor become another way to walk and at the circus school in granada theater blow my mind.
And here I am now, an enthusiastic of finding fun through learning all kind of acrobatics and share it with all!!!