Namaste! My name is Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alexa. I discovered and fell in love with Hatha Yoga back in 2014, in a really special Yoga studio in Riga (Latvia). Ever since, I’ve learnt from many different teachers to develop my personal Yoga practice and I started teaching in 2016.
I felt what Yoga really means to me when I was in my 2 years teacher training at Shiva Yoga in Frankfurt: to create space – for feeling oneself, and for truthful, profound encounters and discoveries.
Thus, my teaching style is calm and meditative to enable harmony of body and mind. We practice demanding Asanas and Flows inspired by Ashtanga/Vinyasa as well as calming Yin stretches, Pranayama and meditation.
Next to Hatha Yoga, I love Yin Yoga, rituals like women and moon circles, sharing circles and cacao ceremonies.