Carmen and Dieter

Carmens acro-career started in 2011, her enthusiasm since then is still increasing. You feel it glowing in her performances on stage as well as in her workshops, where this enthusiasm motivates everybody to outstanding stuff. She´s specialist for handstands, h2h and tricks on standing bases. Besides acro she loves Cyr-Wheel very much. Very very much. (She is worldchampion since 2018) Unfortunately there is no suitable ground for cyr on the acronyx-location.
Besides she has studied sports and ist trainer for acrobatics, for cyr-wheel and for handbalance at the Regensburg-University.

Years ago (some state last millenium.. ;-)) Dieter stumbled in an acrobatics-workshop, was immedately fascinated of possibilites, spirit and atmosphere and let it happily become center of his life. Since then he lives on acrobatics on stage, private and innumerous workshops and festivals. He´s specialised in trio-tricks, H2H and duos (L- & S-Base), up to quite advanced