Children are our future

This year we are once again offering an extensive educational programme for children.

In the workshop, the children immerse themselves in the world of dance and movement arts, get to know different basic forms, make their first experiences in free dance and contact improvisation, can playfully try out and become creative in the rhythmic offers, have the opportunity to slow down in dream journeys and meditative dance.

The courses take into account the abilities and individual needs of the children, so that there is something for every age.
Music, play and dance contain important aspects of developmental psychology, but are also part of our culture.

In addition to the joy of movement, music and dance, there are of course other goals such as:

  • Social togetherness
  • Holistic promotion of the following developmental areas: language, motor skills, cognition, autonomy and factual competence as well as the promotion of social skills

We are looking forward to eventful days with your children, in which the connection of body and mind is in the foreground.